Consignment Agreement

Consignment Agreement

Tongass Threads

New and Gently Used Consignment Agreement

236 Lincoln St. #100

Sitka AK 99835


I would like to thank you for your partnership by consigning your clothes. Now I would like to let you know how this works.

Please understand that when I say “NO THANK YOU” to an item, it is nothing personal, just that I do not think that this item(s) is/are right for my store and I would like to get moving along with your other items without hassle.

I will do my best to select what other customers will buy at the best price for you.

I will be selecting items that are FRESHLY WASHED AND WRINKLE FREE

NO: Outdated items(5 years or older), Faded, Stains, Rips, Tears, Missing Buttons, Fuzz Balls, Broken Zippers, Smell of Smoke, Attic, Mustiness, or Mold.

I will Consign ANYTHING. Household items, Shoes, Handbags, Scarfs, Jewelry, ect. ( Same Guidelines ). Tongass Threads Staff WILL NOT be responsible to call you for any reason.

You will receive 40% of the selling price. Furniture is 50/50. If you do not pick up a check or use your store credit at least once within 3 months, that money will become a donation. So, Please Stop in once a Month to keep current.

You consign your items for 45 days. If you do not pick up your remaining items within 45 days, those items will become a donation. We prefer you do not pick up, but if you do, we DO NOT provide the service of pulling your items for you. We are in the business to SELL your items, not have them sit in our store for months. We will mark items down regularly and have sales to move the merchandise. Please allow yourself enough time to go through all of your clothes. Thank you for your patience.


Donations are ALWAYS welcome at any time during business hours.

My intentions in this agreement are to keep inventory selling and gently used inventory coming in without hassle to you or myself.

I do appreciate your time and understanding. It will be my pleasure to work with you.

We are not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.

No More than 15 items per person in one day. If you have more, you can bring them in the next day.


Kathleen Hill

Please sign that you understand and agree to all terms and conditions.